Buy coffee beans from Indonesia

Now is the time for you to buy coffee beans from Indonesia with the best quality coffee beans in its class. Indonesia is the best producer of coffee beans, such as arabica coffee, torabica coffee, etc.

Indonesia is the largest coffee producing country in the world, ranking fourth after Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam. There are various types of Indonesian coffee origin from various regions in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Flores, to Papua. It has been proven that each type of coffee has a distinctive and unique taste.

East Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea dominate exports, reaching 186.8 thousand tons. However, the type of origin of Indonesian coffee that is already popular in the world market, such as Gayo, Mandailing and Toraja.

Therefore, it’s time for you to get the best coffee beans only in Malagri.

Buy coffee beans from Indonesia

Buy coffee beans from Indonesia

Coffee is a very popular product in the world. Just imagine, coffee products are the second largest export commodity in the world.

Arabica and Robusta are two types of coffee that are most in demand in the global market. If we look at the level of consumption, around 70% of the world’s population are consumers of Arabica coffee beans, which has a mild and aromatic taste.

Meanwhile, the remaining 30% of the world’s population are Robusta coffee consumers, which have a bitter taste and 50% higher caffeine content than Arabica coffee.

Coffee has always been the main choice for Indonesians to drink when we are in a cafe or at home. In fact, now people have started to recognize the various types of coffee originating from various parts of Indonesia such as Gayo coffee, Toraja coffee, Flores coffee, etc.

But did you know that Indonesia is one of the largest coffee bean producing countries in the world?

With the abundant production of coffee beans, many wonder whether Indonesian coffee has a high potential for export. The answer is clearly YES. Indonesian coffee has great potential to be exported with the volume of production and diversity of species.

CV. MAL AGRI – Supplier coffee beans from Indonesia

Malagri is the best coffee bean producer in Indonesia. Tap into our over 20 years of expertise as your most trusted partner in trading and export of coffee beans and betel nuts.

We work around the clock to sustainably source high-quality green coffee beans and betel nuts for your utmost benefits. Get 1st hand supply from our network of local farmers, competitive prices, commitment of quality, customer satisfaction and on time shipment.

So many new coffees to choose from indonesia!

We’re super excited to present our customers with new certified coffees from the regions of Sumatera, Toraja and Java.

In specialty coffee, Indonesia has been long known for its Coffee Beans, often the only Indonesia coffee on offer from most roasters, but that is changing. Malagri has brought its integrated supply chain approach to the region, an approach that not only helps ensure quality, but provides an opportunity to increase sustainable practices.

Learn more about our work in Tanzania, and the spots we have to offer by clicking the profile Malagri.

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If you are very interested in buying coffee beans from Indonesia, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We can Meet your demands of high-quality green coffee beans, we work closely with local farmers in Aceh and North Sumatra in sourcing the finest Arabica beans.

Choose from Indonesia’s speciality coffee, including Gayo, Mandheling and Lintong – all sourced sustainably.

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