Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans

Malagri Supplier Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans – Coffee is a type of beverage that is much loved throughout the world. In Indonesia itself, coffee lovers are increasing day by day. This can be seen from the number of coffee shop businesses that have been opened in various cities and regions.

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee bean producing countries in the world. Even based on data from the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in 2019 – 2021 Indonesia was listed as the fourth largest producer of coffee beans, after Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia.

Indonesia’s tropical climate provides its own advantages in terms of coffee production. This is because coffee plants are very suitable to be planted in tropical climates, precisely in tropical areas north and south of the equator (23 degrees North and 23 degrees South).

Coffee production in Indonesia is spread across various regions, from Sabang to Merauke. Coffee produced in these areas has a distinctive taste that is the advantage of each producing area. Several types of coffee produced by Indonesian farmers are well known in the world.

The famous coffee today is Arabica because the aroma and taste are really right and are in great demand by many people.

Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans

Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans

Sumatera is one of the best coffee bean producers in Indonesia, namely Gayo, Lintong and Mandheling Coffee. Named Gayo, Lintong and Mandheling Coffee, because this coffee is grown in the Gayo, Lintong and Mandheling highlands which has an altitude of 1200-1700 meters above sea level.

This Sumateranese coffee has a watery texture and is not too thick with the right sour taste. This coffee is perfect for coffee fans who don’t like coffee with a sour taste.

Gayo, Lintong and Mandheling coffee is served in an interesting traditional way. If other coffees are made by brewing, this type of coffee is actually boiled in a pot until it boils, then served in a glass that has been filled with sugar and milk.

#1. Gayo Coffee

Gayo is a region on the hillsides surrounding the town of Takengon and Lake Laut Tawar, at the northern tip of Sumatra, in the region of Aceh. The altitude in the production area averages between 1,110 and 1,600 meters. The coffee is grown by smallholders under shade trees. Gayo coffee is registered as a Geographical Indication as Kopi Arabika Gayo in Indonesia, the EU and the UK.

Coffee from this region is generally processed at farm-level, using traditional wet methods. Due to the giling basah processing, Gayo Mountain coffee is described as higher toned and lighter bodied than Lintong and Mandheling coffees from further east in Sumatra.

#2. Lintong Coffee

Lintong coffee is grown in the District of Lintong Nihuta, to the south-west of Lake Toba. This large lake is one of the deepest in the world, at 505 meters. The coffee production area is a high plateau, known for its diversity of tree fern species. This area produces 15,000 to 18,000 tons of arabica per year. A neighbouring region, called Sidikalang, also produces arabica coffee.

#3. Mandheling Coffee

Coffees from Sumatra are known for smooth, sweet body that is balanced and intense. Depending on the region, or blend of regions, the flavours of the land and processing can be very pronounced. Notes of cocoa, tobacco, smoke, earth and cedar wood can show well in the cup. Occasionally, Sumatran coffees can show greater acidity, which balances the body. This acidity takes on tropical fruit notes and sometimes an impression of grapefruit or lime.

Mandheling is a trade name, used for indonesia arabica coffee beans from northern Sumatra. It was derived from the name of the Mandailing people, who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region of Sumatra. Mandheling coffee comes from Northern Sumatra, as well as Aceh.

Malagri Supplier Indonesia Arabica Coffee Beans

Indonesia is one of the largest growers of Coffee and Betel Nuts in the world. The nuts are mostly used for chewing, animal feed or for medicinal and coloring purposes.

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