Top 7 Indonesian Coffee Beans and Their Characteristics

Indonesian is one of the countries that produce the largest coffee beans in the world. It’s no wonder, because almost every region in Indonesia has a coffee bean garden and a unique way of processing it. The flavors and characteristics produced are also very diverse and then make Indonesian coffee bean products increasingly popular. Because of its unique taste, coffee beans produced by regions in Indonesia are now not only consumed by the producing community, but also tourists to people from other regions and abroad.

Top 7 Indonesian Coffee Beans and Their Characteristics

Top 7 Indonesian Coffee Beans and Their Characteristics

Here are 7 types of Indonesian coffee beans and their characteristics that you need to know!

Aceh Coffee Beans

In the westernmost region of Indonesia, there are two types of coffee beans produced, namely Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Well, the most famous thing from Aceh is its Gayo Arabica coffee beans which are predicted to be one of the best coffee beans in the world. The strongest characteristic of Aceh Gayo coffee beans is their very sharp aroma. In addition, Gayo coffee does not leave a bitter aftertaste that sticks to the tongue after drinking it, unlike most other types of coffee which leave a bitter aftertaste. This is the reason why many people really enjoy Aceh Gayo coffee.

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Lampung Coffee Beans

Unlike the Aceh coffee beans, which are more famous for their Arabika coffee types. Lampung coffee is actually very superior to Robusta coffee. The most pronounced characteristic of Indonesian coffee beans from Lampung is their smooth texture, but the taste is quite strong. The dry processing method used in processing Lampung coffee beans is also believed to be the origin of the strong taste and characteristics in it.

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Toraja Coffee Beans

Having another name, Celebes Kalossi, this coffee from the Sulawesi region has a very distinctive and fragrant aroma. What makes it quite popular is its low acidity. The uniqueness of the characteristics of Toraja coffee beans is found in the tendency of the resulting floral and fruity taste. In addition, the coffee’s strong and slightly sour taste leaves a unique aftertaste on the tongue.

Java Coffee Beans

The production of Indonesian Java coffee beans is generally carried out using the wet processing method so that the taste may be slightly different and not as strong as coffee beans produced in Sumatra or Sulawesi. Even so, this type of Arabica coffee bean is very much enjoyed because the taste is considered ‘balanced’. The level of acidity is medium and the thickness is not too thick, as well as the breezy aroma of the spices that are produced, create their own characteristics when you drink it.

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Kintamani Bali Coffee Beans

The characteristic of this Indonesian coffee is the fresh taste of sour (citrus) like oranges. The aroma exotic, the texture light, making this coffee not too bitter and does not leave a thick aftertaste afterwards. Therefore, this type of coffee is mostly enjoyed by people who don’t really like to drink coffee with a ‘heavy’ body.

Flores Bajawa Coffee Beans

This Arabica Coffee Bean from Flores Bajawa produces a medium acidity level and a light taste texture. Apart from its tantalizing aroma, the characteristics of this coffee bean are also known for its sweet sensation as well as the taste of nuts and herbs in it. This uniqueness that you may not be able to enjoy in other coffee beans. No wonder this type of Flores Bajawa can penetrate the international market because of these advantages.

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Papua Wamena Coffee Beans

The sharpness of the aroma with a mild taste is the hallmark of this Indonesian coffee bean from the eastern part of Indonesia. Similar to Balinese coffee which has a floral taste. Papua Wamena coffee is also equipped with fragrant shades of chocolate and herbs. Aftertaste ‘smokey’ after drinking it became its own characteristic and uniqueness. Its soft and non-greasy texture is also very friendly on the mouth.

Those are 7 types of coffee beans from the pride of the Indonesian archipelago that you shouldn’t miss. Most regions do favor the production of Arabica coffee beans, but there are also types of Indonesian Robusta coffee beans that are no less popular. Just like coffee beans throughout Indonesia which are rich in taste, MALAGRI also has the best coffee beans for you coffee lovers or coffee business people.

Have you tried anything? And which type of Indonesian coffee do you like the most? Share in the comments column guys!


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