Supplier Arabica Coffee Gayo

Indonesia is the largest Supplier Arabica Coffee Gayo in the World, Where Gayo coffee is considered as one of the most premium coffee beans in the world because of the fine aroma and not-so-bitter taste.

The strong characteristics of Gayo beans make it popular and often added to house blends to increase the overall aroma and body.

The soil, landscape and climate of the plantation area contribute to its rich characteristics; strong body and complex flavors. Gayo coffee belongs to the premium category, equally compared to other world-renowned coffee beans.

Gayo coffee has obtained the Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) status from the European Union (EU). This special status means that the product will benefit from the same protection and market added-value as EU protected products.

Therefore, Arabica Coffee Gayo is now the target of the world. Be it in terms of business or public consumption. If you are looking for the best quality Indonesian Gayo coffee then we will provide it for you.

Supplier Arabica Coffee Gayo

Supplier Arabica Coffee Gayo

Coffee is one of the strategic and important commodities in Indonesia. In Aceh Province, coffee is one of the local superior commodities.

Coffee production is a driving force in the economy of Aceh, particularly in the Gayo highlands. With no large private or state-owned plantations, this $150 million export industry is built on a foundation of smallholder farmers managing small plots that average less than 1.5 hectares with few inputs.

With high international demand for the high body, the coffee receives high export prices and an efficient value chain with high levels of competition for coffee at various points along the process delivers a large proportion of that to the farmers.

This study takes an in-depth look at the Arabica Gayo coffee organic sector, particularly focused on the current state of the coffee value chain and its implications for the competitive advantage of Arabica Gayo coffee organic which is originated from Indonesia.

Malagri Arabica Coffee Gayo

We are Supplier Arabica Coffee Gayo from Indonesia. We have supply to many country like Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong,and Vietnam.

Our manufacture can supply coffee bean with Grade 1–3 Java Coffee, Toraja Coffee, Flores Coffee, Gayo Coffee, Mandhailing Coffee. The Malagri are supply coffee bean grade size request by customer.

Malagri are supplier coffee beans, Tap into our over 20 years of expertise as your most trusted partner in trading and export of coffee beans and betel nuts.

We work around the clock to sustainably source high-quality green coffee beans and betel nuts for your utmost benefits.

Get 1st hand supply from our network of local farmers, competitive prices, commitment of quality, customer satisfaction and on time shipment.

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